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I couldn’t see your skill in morning Can you do it for me now and show it But now I dont have the wood log Oh! its there…. yes its there Ok but I don’t remember where I kept my sword.. its there! Move back Stop it! Warriors like you, shouldn’t do anything in night else its bad luck Do you know it? Oh Yes, l forgot. Thanks for reminding me! Uncle. Tomorrow we will go for hunting, wildhogs are ruining… pigs are dirty Not pigs… its wild hogs. Our farmers complain that they are destroying everything Bring these men also He scares if he see a mouse, we dont want to come for hunting He hasn’t done anything, let him come then I will know what he is useful for Bring him Dont fall on me? You killed it… Kumara verma killed the wild hog Again its Kumara Verma… Wild hog Very big size Very fat.. Hey.. keep quiet Wow, you killed it again Excellent… Excellent… Long live Kumara verma… Long live Kumara verma… I have never seen such a talent… Kumara verma is excellent Kumara verma is amazing… He killed all the wildhogs alone Pig warrior Kumara verma… Pig warrior Kumara Verma… I dont like anyone praising me Yes I know that… Devasena, we need to keep these arrows safe Let it give confidence to our archers Since the first time I saw you, I had this doubt on your action and drama Are you telling me? I dont think they act… What did you tell your name? Shivu… He got her… This is an experienced warrior’s hand… I know how a warrior’s hand is… Uncle, she is saying something.. He’s just an innocent boy. I will prove it… Bring the Ox… Oh no! He dont even know to carry a tooth pick but you have given a spear to him Oh no! its an Ox, he is a child how he will handle it They killed my nephew, They did an injustice to a child His hand is broken… Now who will marry him? Which girl will like him? Who will marry…. Stop it! Bring the chariot… Now what I will do? My god…. my god… The princess who said will help, broke your hand. My god… my god Can you get up for a min? Don’t you hear the physician? Get up… Pillow? Give him this medicine and if he sleep well tonight, he will be alright. How can someone sleep with a broken hand? My god… my god.. Uncle stop it! What? you want a song to sleep? Who will sing a song? Do you know to sing a song? l don’t know. Can you sing a song? No You also dont know? Princess, can you sing a song? After he broke his hand, I’m very confused Its ok, I will sing a song for him You dont have mother or father, No one there to even cry for you You were born alone in this earth So you will go alone from this earth Princess, its time to worship Come lets get dressed up.. << Subtitle by vinsebby >> << Subtitle by Vinsebby >> Bahubali & Katappa are in kundala kingdom Bahubali is acting like a foolish man Why is a real fool acting like a fool But why is he acting? l think he is in love with the princess. This is the painting of Princess Devasena Kingdom for him… Beautiful princess also for him Devasena is only for me How is that possible? If my mother promise, then its possible To get your brother’s lover as your wife..


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